Twenty6 Products is what happens when a solid Midwestern work ethic collides with the vast optimism of Big Sky Country. Born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin, Tyler Jarosz’s first job was at the age of 13, as an enthusiastic assistant at a local bike shop. A year later, he got his first taste of the mountain west, on a school-sponsored snowboarding trip to Whitefish, MT. As is the case with many Montana transplants, it was love at first sight. In his senior year of high school, Tyler was given the opportunity to work with machining equipment and quickly discovered his aptitude for the trade. After receiving a technical diploma in machining from Northcentral Technical College, he decided at age 21 to take his chances and move to Bozeman, Montana.


Anyone who has lived in the Bozeman area is familiar with how seamlessly its residents combine work and play. Tyler was no exception, and he split his time in the next few years between mountain biking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and gaining valuable experience working for machine shops in the valley. Of course, when you work for someone else, your skills and abilities can only be as great as the challenges put in front of you. But when you work for yourself, the opportunities for advancement and improvement are limitless.

An insatiable curiosity and a desire to broaden his own skills and abilities led Tyler to begin renting machine time back from his boss, often paying nearly twice his wage per hour, in order to make projects for himself and friends. It was in this manner he created his first set of aftermarket brake levers, and Twenty6 Products was born. When Tyler saw the popularity of his bike parts growing outside the circle of friends for whom they were first made, he began to spend less time recreating outdoors and more time in front of the CNC mill. After expanding his line to include bar end caps and pedals, and seeing ever growing demand for his products, Tyler realized that it was time to strike out on his own. In April of 2008, he purchased his first Haas VF-2 CNC Mill, and began working for himself full time. He has never looked back.



Today, barely a handful of years after taking that leap of independence, Twenty6 Products is thriving. The bicycle products he has designed, engineered, and manufactured are sold all around the world and have a well-deserved reputation for representing the cutting edge of the components industry. With business split between manufacturing those high-quality, innovative mountain bike components and producing precision parts for local and national engineering and manufacturing firms, Tyler Jarosz can count himself among the lucky individuals who can call their work and their passion by the same name.

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